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Mystery Laatikko 😀

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Tuesday 2.11. - Teekkaritradition week Alkupamaus

Teekkaritraditionweek takes off on Tuesday, November 2, when Smökki explodes at the starting bang of the week!

The night starts at 11pm with the kick-off of the night croquet tournament. A moment later, the doors of Smökki open to the party crowd, which will be accelerated at 23.30 by AaltoDJ’s own DJ Tako. In addition to the whopping music there is going to be an opportunity to buy some night snacks!

Registration for the night croquet tournament opens on Tuesday 26.10. at 12.00. A link to the registration will be posted at this event. The tournament can accommodate the first 16 teams, so it is recommended to be super sharp with the registration! This way you can ensure your team has a chance to win amazing prizes!

For the night croquet tournament, the team is registered by one person, who thus acts as the team’s contact person. The size of the team can vary from 2 to 4 people. The tournament costs € 6 per team! More information about the event and the rules of the game will be updated later in this event.


What: Night croquet + open starting bang party
When: Tuesday 2.11. at 11 pm ->
Where: Around Smökki and in Smökki!
Registration for the tournament: Tuesday 26.10. at 12.00, sign up link will be posted in this event!
Costs: Night croquet -> 6 €, smökki party -> 0 €, night snack -> a little

Friday 5.11. - International Grand Sitsit

🎩👑The International Grand Sitsit👑🎩
The International Committee welcomes you to join us for a night of mystery and glam on the 5th November, in Servin Mökki (Smökki) for a never before seen Grand Sitsit. You will have to work together with your table whilst singing, enjoying a delicious three course meal and solving the puzzles to figure out the mystery of the evening. The question is, do you trust your companion? 🧐
The ticket sale is at the Undergraduate Center at the main lobby, in front of the Z-doors. The sales on 20.11. start at 10:00. There is no online ticket sales, so if you want your spot at the sitsit come early and prepare to queue! The preferred payment method is cash, please reserve exact amount (30€).
The event is for all Aalto students and it will be held completely in English. The allergies and food restrictions will be asked at the registration. It is also possible to participate with a non-alcoholic drink menu.
✨WHAT? – The International Grand Sitsit
✨WHERE? – Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4
✨WHEN? – 5.11. at 18:30 o’clock
✨WHY? – To solve the mystery! 🔎🔦🩸
✨DC: Cocktail
✨PRICE: 30€
🔥Tickets will be sold at the Undergraduate center main lobby (enter from Z-doors), Otakaari 1, 02150 Espoo.
The ticket sales is on Wednesday 20.10.2021 from 10am to 4pm. There are 200 tickets available, first come first served! Reserve exact amount of cash for the payment. One person can buy two tickets.

Saturday 6.11. - Elonkorjuu


The darkest time of the year is coming as Demeter, the goddess of harvest and all living plants, begins her mourning. Her daughter is about to return to the land of the dead. Before that, however, it is time for Elonkorjuu – so dance, laugh and enjoy the last days of abundance before the autumn comes to an end!
On Saturday 6.11. the first Elonkorjuu in history takes place in Servin Mökki! The event is organized by the Teekkari Section, GAYY and Jalostajat. During the night, you get to enjoy live music, good food and an excellent drink selection. The activities of the evening include different tastings, watercolor painting and glitter art. The dresscode for the night is “classy” – we encourage you to use your imagination, and “too much” is just enough.
The participation fee is 5€ including the overall badge. The ticket sale will begin on Monday 25.10. at 4 pm on kide.app. There is a limited amount of tickets for sale, so be fast.
More info on Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1XccYNFUT
WHAT: Elonkorjuu by Teekkari Section, GAYY and Jalostajat
WHERE: Servin Mökki
MILLOIN: 6.11. at 18-01
TICKETS: https://kide.app/events/feadbcfd-5e10-4df5-badc-8fc5a9483ee4
DC: Classy, with a touch of “too much”!

Sunday 7.11. - The Red Songbook Singthrough


Fuksi, do you want to beat your fuksi friends at Fuksi Gala Sitsit with your song knowledge? Or do you want to get through the song exam with bright dots? Now you have the opportunity to come to the Red Songbook Singthrough to practice sitsi songs in a relaxed atmosphere!
Older student or song leader, do you want to increase your song knowledge or showcase your great knowledge of songs? Do you want more new songs to sing at sitsit? Now you have a great opportunity to come listen and practice new songs!
Led by the god of wine and theater, Dionysos, Teekkari tradition week will bring the Red Songbook Singthrough again! This year, Red Songbook Singthrough will be held in Smökki on November 7. from 2 p.m.! Come with a group of friends to refresh and tune into the atmosphere of Teekkari tradition week.
The Red Songbook Singthrough will be more amazing than ever! There will be sung with a twist like you haven’t gotten to experience before. Do you miss sillis? Want to spend a relaxed Sunday singing? Have you ever played songbook bingo? Among other things, all of this is promised in this year’s the Red Songbook Singthrough.
The event is free and you can join freely at any stage!
However, if you want to make the most of the event, for 10 euros you will receive a sillis package, which includes the event’s overall badge, food and energy-enhancing drinks!
Sillis packs and overall coveralls (2 €) will be on sale here: https://kide.app/events/543483cb-6caa-4c3c-b236-0f82935e662f
WHAT: The Red Songbook Singthrough
WHEN: November 7. from 2 p.m.
WHERE: Smökki
COSTS: 0€ (overall badge 2€ and sillis package 8€)
WHY: Because sunday sillis and singing!

Monday 8.11. - Fuksi Sitsi

Tuesday 9.11. - Song Competition


Teekkari tradition week is making its way over and that means that it’s time for the Song competition! Woop woop!
On this year’s Song contest there is three categories:
previously unrepresented songs
previously represented songs
International category
In addition there is a bonus category: Seal category, to which you can participate with a seal themed song 😉
You can take part in the song competition until 3.11. In the form you will be asked the following questions: names of the song writers, email of the person filling the form, desire to appear anonymous, category which you will participate in, name of the song, melody of the song, approval to have the song possibly to be published in AYY’s future songbooks and possible additional comments.
You can enter the competition alone or in a group, as well as as many songs as you want and in different categories!
The songs participating in the Song competition will be sung together on 9.11. with singing alle the competeing songs, to which all participants in the competition are also invited. The sitsit will be held at OK20 and more information about the sitsit will follow later.
A jury formed from the Song leader committee will select a winner from each category at the Song competition sitsit!


Wednesday 10.11. - Polin Appro



“The night had fallen, and the moon was shining. Accompanied by her bow and quiver Artemis was hunting her next waypoint. She was on her way to see her brother Apollo.“
During the Teekkari Tradition Week, on Wednesday 10th of November the streets of Helsinki will be filled with students hunting the next place to satisfy their thirst when Polin Appro returns. According to mythology, this hunt is the largest of its kind in Finland and it is organized by members of the Aalto community. The event is for all students and student-spirited.
The distribution of the Appro maps starts gradually from Heidi’s Bier Bar (Yrjönkatu 24) at 4 pm and lasts until 7 pm. Participants collect performance stamps by visiting partnering bars and they have time until 11 pm to finish the crawl. The afterparty starts at Apollo Live Club (Mannerheimintie 16) at 9 pm where it is possible to exchange crawl maps to an overall badge and enjoy the night’s performers.
The theme of 2021 appro is the goddess of hunting, night sky and the moon, Artemis. Decorate yourself and your overalls accordingly and head off to the night to hunt (bars) like Artemis.
The ticket sale starts on Monday 11.10. at 12 on Kide.app: bit.ly/polinappro2021. The age limit for the event is 18 years.
More information about the ticket sales, artist reveals and more on this page, so make sure to follow this page! Event website: https://polinappro.fi/


Friday 12.11. - Teekkari Tradition Evening Gala

This year we celebrate the 149th anniversary of Teekkari traditions, we welcome both students and alumni to celebrate this honourable journey to Dipoli (Otakaari 24, 01250 Espoo) on Friday, 12 November 2021. Teekkaritraditionsweek culminates in an evening gala, which celebrates the anniversary of teekkarihood and the teekkari community.
The celebrations start with a cocktail event at 18.00 in Dipoli where it’s time to tune into a festive mindset with a glass of sparkling wine. After the cocktail event it’s time to start the gala part. In the gala a delicious three-course meal will be served. There will also be different kinds of performances for the participants to see during the gala. After the gala, an afterparty will commence as soon as the official festivities are over. There will be busses to take the guests from Dipoli to the afterparty. The place of the afterparty will not be revealed until later.
Signup for the Teekkaritraditionsparty opens for invited guests on the first of October 2021 at 12.00 and for other guests on 13 October 2021 at 12.00. Sign up at kide app. Link will be announced later. Teekkaritraditionsparty costs 90 euros for students and 110 euros for alumni. Moreover, there’s a chance to support the arrangements of the party and buy a support ticket which costs 149€. The dress code at the party will be a white tie with academic decorations.
See more information about events during the week from the Teekkarius 149 website at https://teekkarius149.ayy.fi/.
PLEASE NOTE! The event is K-18 and age will be checked at the door. Bringing your own beverages to the event area is also forbidden.
Teekkaritraditionsparty follows Aalto University Student Union’s (AYY) Safer Space Policy. Event aims to be equal and comfortable for everyone. If you see or experience inappropriate conduct, you have the right to intervene in the situation. If you wish, you can also get in touch with AYY’s harassment contact persons hairinta@ayy.fi . More information can be found from https://www.ayy.fi/…/servic…/ayys-harassment-contact-persons.

Saturday 13.11. - Teekkari Tradition Brunch



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